Tonga proverbs, by Isaac Mumpande - "L"

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189. Libbilila aamwi (see18).

(The sun sets at the same time.)


190. Lingu-lingu kumuunda muchaamba tamulingulwi (see149)

(One can check what is going on the fields but you cannot check what is going on in somebody ’s heart /mind.)


191. Liso ndifuba .

(An eye is a fool.)

We cannot trust the way we see patients because sometimes a patient may appear to be recovering when in fact they will be about to die.


192. Lubula luya muunzi (see424).

(Those who lose also go home).

Do not be embarrassed if you lose in a game or in whatever you are doing because it’s normal . In any game expect to lose or win.


193. Lufu ncheenzule.

(Death is a shadow.)

Death is everywhere.


194. Lukolo lwanyoko talulubwi.

(Never forget your mother’s breast.)

Never neglect your parents .Assist them in any way possible.

195. Lukuni lumwi talubizyi chilongo (see 212).

(one firewood cannot make a pot boil ).

Two heads are better than one.


196. Lulimi kuvuna bako kakokola ulaabakwe (see 235).

(Tongue rescue your people ,the elbow has its own people. )

Usually people with little physical power are gifted in verbal defense while those gifted with power never waste time peacefully resolving conflicts .They tend to use force in settling disputes.


197. Lumano tendulubweza makala.

(The tong is not the one that picks up the embers.)

Usually a person sent to do something is not the one who is guilty ,but the person who instructs / send that person is the guilty one .


198. Luuwo luza atunji.

(wind comes with a lot of things.)

There are a lot of unexpected things that occur each day.


199. Luzubo talukwe chikuta.

(Relation has no old and dysfunctional hoe).

Even if a person is very old he / she is still needed by his / her relatives .

On person is discarded by his / her relatives because of old age.


200. Luzyalo lwakwale lwakajezya  (see 36).

(The generosity of a partridge led to its death.)


201. Lyafwa kkaye.

(A clay pot has broken.)

A bad thing happens and then people run away .Something wrong happens that is beyond repair / solution.


202. Lyakaamba chibamba ndilyo (see 296).

(What was said by chibamba is the word to be taken. )

What is said first usually carries more weight than what is said later.


203. Lyakalibbotu kubwiinga.

(She was nice during the wedding .)

A new person pretended to be nice during the days but tended to reveal his/ her true colours later.


204. Lyakali fuba malungo bakalilaya benziina.

(Malungo was a fool but was advised by his friends. )

A person ,easy to cheat in the past ,is now very clever.


205. Lyaluma lichili pangwa.

(It is biting at its formation stage.)

Thing are becoming bad right from the beginning.