Tonga proverbs, by Isaac Mumpande - "V-Z"

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491. Vuna silumambo sinzala udada bubi.

(Rescue one involved in a conflict because a hungry person easily forgets the assistance rendered to him /her.)

It is better to assist somebody who is about to be killed than to assist somebody who is hungry .A hungry person quickly boasts after getting satisfied.




492. Wako nabisya mbuchi  (see 415).

(Even if your child /relative commits an offence you still like him /her.)


493. Walombozya mulimba kumukuku wakaliwakwe.

(A person is admiring a feather from a cock that was his.)

Somebody will be admiring an ex-lover who after divorce will have completely transformed into a nice /smart person .


494. Wapilinania masimbi mufuzi katana kumubona .

(One is carrying iron bars before they see the black –smith.)

A very ambitious person who talks about a second stage before they pass through the first stage yet they do not have means /resources/ tools to go through the first stage.




495. Yakakataazya wakiibona .

(It troubled one who saw it.)

The one who marries is the one who experiences problems in looking for lobola .


496. Yakamweena sikubba (see 228).

(A thief was cheated by the black clouds.)




497. Zibikke abantu zyuube  (see 1).

(Put your problems before many people so that they are light.)


498. Zifwamba kunjila kukuzwa nzitani .

(A disease easily affects a person but is difficult to cure.)

A disease easily affects somebody but takes time to respond to treatment.


499. Zikubuleni chipembele masumu banonema nduwe.

(Be alert you black rhino ,they are carrying spears for you).

Be alert because people want to kill you.


500. Ziliikubuzigwa zilimasungu.

(The person who is leaking the gossip confirms that the gossip about you was very biting)

The gossip about you was very bad.


501. Zilya bapoota (see 455).

(They are  eaten by people who move around).


502. Zisiigwa amunse-munse (see 209).

(They are left as they are.)


503. Zyakabba mwaange .

(They stole a prisoner).

Sleep will overtake you ,no matter how big your problem is.


504. Zyakamuleya nsimvuulule (see 405).

(A careful harvester left them).


505. Zyawida mulusuwo zyakubwezelela nzitani.

(Fruits have fallen into a dish ;those that need to be picked are a problem.)

Better to take something already done /prepared than to initiate something ,because its time consuming


506. Zyayimikila abana n’ombe.

(The cows have stood with their calves.)

Things have gone wrong or something very important one wanted to get has already been taken by another


507. Zyeembela beeline / Zyabinga beeline .

(The cattle are being looked after by same-aged shepherds.)

The people in question are equals so that no one can command the other.