Tonga proverbs, by Isaac Mumpande - "T"

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452. Tachikwe muyuni mubi nutakwe cheeye nkubbukula .

(There is no bad bird ; even without a tail one must scratch for food.)

Whatever shortcomings you have ,never despise yourself in front of others.


453. Tachizibikani chakanenesya ngulube .

(It’s not known what made a pig fat.)

Consider whatever luck /thing that comes your way as that which will make you successful.


454. Tako tapi kuulu nguupa (see 301).

(A buttock does not give , a leg gives.)

By moving around you get lots of things /knowledge as compared to a person stationed at one place .


455. Takulizyaligwi.

(One  cannot bear themselves.)

In many cases parents do not bear children with characteristics that are the same as theirs . A pastor bears a murderer /drunkard. A murderer /drunkard bears a pastor.


456. Takusekanwi juunza nduwe (see 376).

(Do not laugh at each other ,tomorrow it will be you.)


457. Takwelanwi mbuuli mazwi (see 12).

(People cannot be as level as knees.)


458. Taluteyi mulenga (see 141.)

(It’s not snared by a lazy person ).


459. Tatukombi mutumbu nazyala mayanga tukomba bula bwaloka.

(We do not worship a mother of twins but worship a mother who has miscarried.)

If you have to choose , it is better to help the person in more difficulty than the one in less.


460. Tazilali aakabo.

(They do not sleep at their mother’s place ).

The news of whatever happens usually quickly spreads to many people within a short period of time .


461. Tazilyi balima / bajika .

(They are not eaten by the farmers or cooks.)

Whatever one produces is not finally used /eaten by one alone but is used /eaten by other people also who will not have contributed to its production.


462. Tazinjilili bayalila .

(A passer-by must not interfere.)

In a talk between / among relatives /workmates /friends, an outsider must not interfere lest they spoil things.


463. Tembo leka-leka.

(Tembo leave, leave.)

Never directly communicate to your wife /husband that you no longer love them but show it by your behaviour .It’s more powerful that way.


464. Titoli uulabila .

(It does not kill one who tastes food.)

In a situation of starvation people who get little food usually survive compared to nothing at all.


465. Tongola kamwi mugala twiingi tubuzya n’onzi.

(Concentrate on one item at a time because many items do not make you sleep.)

Always deal with one problem /issues at a time so that you are not confused .Tackling many /problems / issues at a time will confuse you .


466. Tukayuni mutengwe ususula kulikwezya.

(I’m a fork-tailed drongo who eats scratching myself.)

One is complaining about one’s condition of poverty.


467. Tulibache kulileza kukulya tulibanji .

(We are few before God but too many when we come to feeding.)

Never be wasteful in terms of food , but conserve food for tomorrow.


468. Tunacha kkole lyangu tubone mbubaaba.

(My snare, do not catch an animal so that we see how other hunters share the spoils.)

Be patient .Always wait for others to demonstrate their skills before you display yours. If you rush to displaying yours they may be so outdated that you will be laughed at.