Tonga proverbs, by Isaac Mumpande - "U"

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469. Ulaampeyo tayitilwi mulilo (see 481).

(One feeling cold cannot wait to be called to the fire.)

One who needs help is the one who looks for it.


470. Ulachibona chakasalazya kwale kumeso .

(You will see what made a partridge red in the face.)

One is vowing to punish somebody thoroughly .


471. Ulafwa matanga kaazyede .

(One will die while pumpkins are in abundance.)

A person who is very selective tends to starve amidst plenty of food /whatever available things he / she needs .


472. Utawulukili mumwi anziba .

(Never fly in the same group with doves.)

Never join a group /class of people in the society in which you do not fit . Narrow down to what you are.


473. Utenga mpukkuta .

(One belittles where one can feed and get satisfied.)

Never belittle something /somebody before you really prove that you cannot be content with it / them . Never belittle your enemy in a fight . They can be small but strong enough to overpower /kill you.


474. Uubanda syaanza akumulyango kajala .

(One who shouts at a lion must close their door.)

If you start trouble you must be prepared to defend yourself or to contain that trouble .


475. Uubba tayindi lumwi.

(A thief never strikes once.)

When somebody steals from /wrongs you ,do not worry but just be alert because you will catch him / her  red-handed next time when he/she tries to strike again .   


476. Uufwaba ufwabila aamuntu nyina.

(A poor person is assisted by another person.)

If somebody asks for assistance render him /her that help if you are in a position to assist.


477. Uujatila maande tayoowi sinzi .

(One who catches bullfrogs in water does not fear a black mamba.)

One who aims to achieve their objective must not be discouraged by the disturbances /difficulties they encounter during the process until they achieve their goal.


478. Uukuluma kutwi nguwako .

(One who bites your ear is yours.)

One who alerts you before danger strikes you must be thanked so that tomorrow they alert you again.


479. Uukupa fuwa / tuli ayebo mupe fuwa /tuli .

(One who gives bones /meat must be given bones /meat.)

Treat others the way they treat you .


480. Uulamwida nguulwa tendele (see 470).

(The one suffering  from diarrhoea is the one who fights with the door.)


481. Uulomba tayaswi mujaanza .

(Never prick the hand of a beggar.)

Never insult /beat up somebody who politely asks for help . if you are not in a position to assist just leave them alone .

482. Uulya chakwe tafundumikilwi mulomo .

(Never feel jealous of people eating their own food.)

Never  feel jealous of somebody eating /using his /her own things . Instead look for yours too.


483. Uulya tamvwi mvula / nzala.

(One who eats does not feel the rain /hunger.)

Those who aim at a bumper harvest must be prepared to work harder.


484. Uusungwa nguukwiila (see 470).

(The one who is tied is the one who cries.)


485. Uutalumbi mulozi.

(One who does not thank is a witch.)

Thank you very much.


486. Uuti nsela takasyi mwana .

(One who demands lobola is not prohibiting you from marrying his daughter.)

No matter how high the payment for lobola is ,it does not prohibit you from marrying your girl fried ;just pay it wholeheartedly .


487. Uuyenda nguubimba.

(One travelling must tremble.)

If you are travelling you must make necessary preparation in time so that you are not left behind by the bus /train.


488. Uuzyala tazyalili uumwi.

(A child is never born for one person.)

A child assists many people including those who are not his/ her parents /relatives .


489. Uuvwima tavwimi kamwi .

  (A hunter does not hunt for one thing.)

People on a journey never concentrate on one thing but tend to lay hands on whatever they think will be helpful in life.


490. Uyoofwa kalikwezya kunio.

(You will die scratching your private parts.)

A person will die poor or get into severe problems which will lead to his /her death.