Tonga proverbs, by Isaac Mumpande - "P"

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372. Pakala  mvube  maanzi  naachiliwo.

(Delight you tadpoles when the water is still available.)

A person must enjoy him /himself while still alive.


373. Pakala mvube uzoochiba azookumanina maanzi (see 39)

(Delight you tadpoles but you when the water is still available.)

Never be stubborn /boastful with what you have (especially a temporary thing ) because people will laugh at you when that thing is no more.


374. Pongo lilikule talivuni nkondo.

(A distant goat does not help rescue one from a conflict.)

Whatever item you possess that is not immediately available cannot be used to solve your urgent /pressing problem . What you have on the spot is the important thing.