Tonga proverbs, by Isaac Mumpande - "J"

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112. Jata kalula katontola ulabile.

(Hold something bitter and taste anything sweet.)

Use things /tool/ machines / weapons with which you are well versed and do not tamper with things that you do not know because they may hurt /kill you.


113. Jata kamonse kalaboya nkatani.

(Catch a bird whose feathers have already been removed and leave the one with feathers.)

Go for already done /easy things and leave those that will require you to labour first before you get them .


114. Juunza aajilo (see32).

(tomorrow is yesterday.)


115. Jongolo telyakabula kweenda akuulu kumwi kutawo.

(A millipede can not fail to move because of one leg missing.)

The absence of one committee/organization member does not bring the operation of that body to a standstill. Even if one is absent things still move .Never think that your absence will make everything come to a standstill. It warns people who think they are so important that their absence means everything will not move smoothly or collapse without them