Tonga proverbs, by Isaac Mumpande - "A"

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1. Aabantu taatiki musinza (see 498).

(Where there are people no soup is spilled.)

Be open with your problem(s).Share it /them with many people as their wide experience and wisdom will help solve your problem. It encourages problem sharing/ solving.


2. Aabbwe mpwakkede takunyigwi mazyu (see 291).

(Do not mess the stone where you were seated.)

When you are about to leave a place / people you were staying / working with, do not quarrel with them just because you are going away. You may need their help in future. It warns people not to be over excited and have an ‘I will not come again attitude’ when they are about to leave people.


3. Aafwa muntu takubuliki bulozi.

(When a person dies, the death is always attributed to witchcraft.)

People always accuse somebody as the one responsible for the death of a deceased/any bad event. Used in consoling accused people.


4. Aalayilwa mwana muzyale mpaalayilwa muzike (see 280).

(Any orphan gets advice when the parents of a child advice their child.)

Whenever you hear words of wisdom/ advice being given to somebody, take them also even though they are not directed to you, for they will benefit in future.


5. Aalibuchi taatemwi twiingi.

(Where the is honey you do not cut many times.)

Where you are to succeed/ achieve, you make only very little effort then things go well.                  


6. Aamena muchila taababi.

(Where a tail develops it does not itch.)

When a crime/ omen is about to befall you, it does not give a warning signal but simply happens. In this way, there is no way one can prevent it.


7. Atika maanzi aatakwe buyoleke.

(Once water spills you can not gather it again.)

Something bad has happened and is not reversible.


8. Awumwi ulanzembelo yakwe.

(Each and everyone has a different war dance.)

People do things/view things /interpret things differently and they must not be blamed for being different from each other .

It encourages people to accept diversity of ideas, methodologies etc.