Interviews in Siachilaba by Stefan Hecke

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Virginia Sibanda
Lives: Binga

Educ: Supplementing O Levels by night school

Where are you from?
I am living in Binga but I am Nambian, from Hwange area.

What do you think about the Binga ITC?
It is very good. It can create friendship between people and you can learn how to operate computers, and know more. It’s a great development, an advantage for people like us who are poor, and can’t go to Bulawayo and pay money for transport, accommodation etc.

What are you interested in? How do you use the centre?
To learn to operate a computer. I want a career in an office, reception or secretary. I want a diploma in typing and anything I can learn here. I get help in operating, and I copy notes off the computer.

Do you use the centre often?
I wish I could come every day, I am supposed to come every day, but I have been busy. You know, we are poor, we have to find the money. So I come maybe once or twice a week.

Have you found some help here at the Centre?
Yes, they are very helpful. I have to ask them all the time.

Do you speak Tonga? And what other languages?
I speak Tonga, Nambia, Nyanja, Shona, English and Ndebele.

Is there anything else you would like to say?
Ah, that’s all, it’s a good thing.