Interviews in Siachilaba by Stefan Hecke

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Interviews by Stefan Hecke in Siachilaba, August 2002


Teacher, English Language & Literature, Forms 3 and 4

The Internet centre is something good. It is a blessing for all of us, teachers, students, the community. I come here daily to work on teaching material and to access literature on the internet. For example, I use it to download a summary of an English examination set book, which is not available here. Previously I would have done the summary myself, by hand, and it would take very long. I know someone once travelled to Bulawayo to get such material. I also use the computers to produce teaching material. I have met many friends using email, and it is still easy to talk to my friends, wherever they are. Tonga culture, I don’t have much knowledge about it, but it can give them exposure on internet and they can have access to information. Yes, I think access is equal to all people. We teachers pay for personal use and school work is free, I think it is absorbed by the School Development Association. It is affordable, but we should look for development to reduce the charges to make it easier for others. If you have interest but no money, you can do nothing. The ITC will bring development to Binga, which was previously backward in these things.