Interviews in Siachilaba by Stefan Hecke

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A Level student, Upper 6th Form, Binga HS

I come here about twice a week, mostly for researching about geography. I used the CD Encarta, but I have not yet used email. As a student, the internet helps me get information on subjects, for example Accounting, I want to learn the layout and compilation of accounts. Up to now we have been using the manual method only. Now my mouse and keyboard skills are OK. The centre plays a very good role for Tonga culture. It’s the first time for Tongas to see a computer and use it for processing information. The students are learning much. The fees are affordable for boarders who stay at the hostel and budget their pocket money (allowance), but those who live out have to take care of their own accommodation and food, so it is difficult. About Ngoma buntibe, it should definitely be continued, but to survive they must adapt. Since ngoma buntibe was used especially when there is a death or celebration, and was related to spiritual things, it was rejected by church people. But they should adapt the music [to church music]. Also ngoma buntibe is failing to proceed because people playing it are no longer surviving. It would be a very good idea if revived. In my area of Simatelele, the people are interested, but for that to proceed, they need help to get horns. Before they would kill the animals they needed, but now it is illegal and horns are scarce. You cannot use just anything. People are interested in broadcasting Tonga culture. Here in Binga Tonga culture is despised by others. But now these computers from Austria, they now have respect. Tonga people were despised.