Interviews in Siachilaba by Stefan Hecke - "networking meeting"

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Elisabeth Thomsen (MS) for BaTonga Museum, Binga
For the BaTonga Museum the Binga IT Centre is an excellent opportunity to make itself and its purpose known to the world. The purpose of the BaTonga Museum is to expose Tonga culture and history. Therefore, we find that the Binga ITC and the mulonga webpage can successfully work together to promote the rich culture of the Tonga people. Also, we hope that the IT Centre can provide the Tonga people with information and communicate with the rest of the world. The Tonga Museum is very excited to be part of the whole new way of communication that has opened up here in Binga. We urge all people in Binga, Zimbabwe, Austria and the rest of the world to use the new way of communication and make it a success!

Freddy Khupe, Save the Children (UK)
The ITC in Binga has come at the right time. It is the time Binga Secondary was being upgraded to Binga High. This will help the students to use the internet for educational purposes. Books are very expensive when they are available but in the majority of the cases these are not available.

How sustainable is this project? Most cases projects work well with the supervision of the donors or NGOs. What is the contribution of the local people which would be vital to the sustainability of the project? The project is an institution and this calls for awareness so that people realise that they have the right to access it. In most cases when such projects are in an institution of learning the general community will think that it requires high educational qualifications to access the project. I hope that is being taken care of. Are there any plans to involve school children in other secondary schools I the district? I hope there are people who are manning the centre either as teaching staff or technical staff. Staff turnover can ruin the centre with that I mind, I hope there are plans to take care of this.

DAVID MUNGOMBE, Ntengwe for Cultural Community Development
The internet centre has brought about computer literacy in Binga. The development of the ITC is and will cover the education gap between urban and rural students, giving them both equal opportunities for employment which is today advertised basing on computer literacy.

It would be great to have a faster printer with colour printing capabilities. Consider also setting up public phone facilities.

Dr Sergio Luis Vaids Cubilia, and Dr Mariela Arano Rodriguez, Binga Hospital (just arrived in Binga)
First, I want to say sorry for our language is not good but we are trying to improve. We are very grateful for your welcome and to meet a lot of people with the same target, to help the Zimbabwean people to get a better way of life. Thanks for the internet centre (we travel from our country alone and it is very good to have the possibility to get news about our family). Whenever you want, you can ask us for any kind of help for this people of Binga. Our house is your house, and the culture [Tonga language] will be useful for our work here, the health care of this district. - Cuban Doctors.