Interviews in Siachilaba by Stefan Hecke

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Accounts Teacher, Gwaai Secondary School, home in Binga.

I visit the centre weekends and holidays, and use email and computer. I want to learn more packages, Pastel etc. I did some courses at the Gweru Technical college including information technology and computer packages, but I want to learn more. I am very impressed with this centre, it is a great achievement, bringing educatin to the people. IT is coming up now, youngsters are coming for games and lessons. I think it is affordable for working people, and kids, well they have to budget and sacrifice for it. Here at Binga kids have a chance, but at Gwaai, there is zero level of computer literacy. They don’t even know what is a computer. We need a centre like this in Gwaai. An ITC like this can bring together people of different races and tribes; Tonga learning about others, and to us as foreigners here, we can learn about them. This secondary school is a good opportunity for cultural exchange locally, as there are kids from all over, Hwange, Dete, Vic Falls. It is an advantage to most. My friends were surprised - an ITC in Binga!! They think we are so backward. I wish you could add more training courses, so that instead of games, kids learn the computer.