Interviews in Siachilaba by Stefan Hecke

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Innocent Dube

Lives: Binga High School (teachers houses)

Educ: Teacher (Woodwork)

What do you think about the ITC?
I think it is an advantage to have this centre here. It is a big help.

What do you use the centre for?
I use internet, for email and research, although I have not yet found many sites relating to my subject. I use email, and I do research for my younger sister who is writing O Levels. I also type notes and exam sheets.

Do you have or see any problems in accessing the centre?
No problems, except that sometimes it is overcrowded, everything is slowed down. We could use more computers, or less people!

Do you pay to use the Centre? Is it affordable?
If it is school work, no, but I pay for personal use. Ah yes, it is affordable for me. But many people face financial constraints.

Are you Tonga?
No I am Suthu, from Beitbridge area (southern Zimbabwe border).

What do you think the internet and this centre can do for Tonga culture?
It is helping to bring back Tonga culture, for example the group that is going to come and perform. Small children are now forgetting their culture, they need that. And also we, the new settlers, are getting to know more about them.

What do you think of these foreigners who have brought this centre into existence?
We applaud them. They are helping us to be enlightened. We would have grown older without knowledge of computers, maybe some would spend their whole lives not knowing, without this centre.

How do you think it can be improved in any way?
I think it would be good if more training courses were offered, and if it could be made larger.

You said you are Suthu. As a matter of interest, how many languages do you speak?
Suthu, Ndebele, Shona, Nyanga, English, and I can understand a little of Tonga, Venda and Kalanga.

Thank you for your time.