Interviews in Siachilaba by Stefan Hecke

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Teacher, Samende Primary School - 20 km - husband in Binga

The internet centre is a good thing, it will create interest and help a lot, especially young children, growing up knowing about computers. Even playing games will give them much interest, as they learn to be confident. We elders get the chance of trying to do something, even if you have no job, you can get knowledge and better job opportunities. I come to the ITC whenever I can, when I am in Binga. I did a computer course in bulawayo in 1996, but I have now forgotten, so I am trying to re-learn many things. The people here have helped me very much. I want such a kind of job, and now I can get it. I have not yet gone onto the internet or emailing. Although it is a distance from Samende to here, it is still better than the long journey to Bulawayo, which is expensive. I think it is affordable at $50 per hour, yes. Tonga culture may become recognised through this internet.