Landesmuseum, Linz

 Exhibition "Tracing the Rainbow" about life, arts and culture in Southern Africa at the State Museum of Upper Austria province in Linz. Last year, Director Peter Assmann and Curator Stefan Eisenhofer invited us to present some results of our cultural exchange programme between Linz / Austria and the Tonga area. This invitation sparked the idea for the TONGA.ONLINE project as a way to communicate with the Tonga community directly.Part of the exhibition is a TONGA.ONLINE Project Room where visitors of the exhibition have an opportunity to get immediate access to Tonga people and Tonga culture using the Internet as a tool for communication.

Photos of opening of Exhibition

TONGA. ONLINE project room at the State Museum of Upper Austria in Linz, part of the exhibition "Tracing the Rainbow".

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Finissage of the exhibition "Tracing the Rainbow"

Governor of Upper Austria, Mr. Pühringer, Counsellor V. Chikanda and Dominic Muntanga
Governor of Upper Austria, Mr. Pühringer, Counsellor V. Chikanda and Dominic Muntanga
reported by Dominic Muntanga:

The day started off at ten in the morning for me and Peter. We had to make a few preparations before the event began at eleven in the morning at the project room within the exhibition “Tracing the Rainbow. Life in southern Africa”. At about a quarter to eleven the guests had started arriving for the event.

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Special Award For Communication With Museums

Within the framework of the SOCRATES-Project "Museums, Keyworkers and Lifelong Learning", the Federal Austrian Ministry for Education, Sciences and Culture has, in cooperation with the Office for Cultural Exchange, advertised this year for the first time the "Special Award for Communication with Museums", worth ATS 50.000,-

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Tonga.Online Chat

Dominic Muntanga, a Tonga student and member of the Tonga.Online project group will visit Linz later this month. He is going to brief the students of the collaborating schools HAK Auhof Business School and LISA Linz International School about the situation in his home area and generally in Zimbabwe. At this time the first Internet Centre in Binga will already be operational and therefore allow for a direct link and online communication. Dominic Muntanga will provide for translation in chiTonga, the language of the Tonga people. Twalumba (thank you)!

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Symposium "Change in Southern Africa"

At the occasion of the exhibition "Tracing the Rainbow" a Symposium "Change in Southern Africa" will be held at the Schlossmuseum in Linz on 18th October in collaboration with the University of Linz. A range of topics - from "The Historical Meaning of Freedom and Development in Contemporary South Africa" to "Zimbabwe - last steps to decolonise or ruin the country" - will be covered.

Special program during "The long night of the museums"

At the occasion of "The long night of the museums" at 9th June 2001, from 8 p.m. onwards SPECIAL PROGRAM at the project room TONGA.ONLINE as part of the exhibition "Tracing the rainbow - life in Southern Africa" at the Schloßmuseum in Linz

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Press conference at the Landesmuseum

Tonga.Online project in media limelight: The Tonga.Online project was presented to a wider audience during a press conference at the Landesmuseum in Linz / Upper Austria on Friday last week. Dr. Peter Assmann from Landesmuseum introduced and  Peter Kuthan, Sabine Bitter and Helmut Weber explained the project and concept of the webdesign.

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Einladung zur Projekt(Raum)Präsentation

Im Rahmen der Ausstellung "Spuren des Regenbogens – Leben im Südlichen Afrika"
+ Kooperationsprojekte von Schulen in Linz und um Tonga Gebiet

Freitag, 4. Mai 2001, 11 Uhr im Projektraum TONGA.ONLINE im OÖ. Landesmuseum Schlossmuseum, Linz

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Exhibition "Tracing the Rainbow"

Official opening of the exhibition "Tracing the Rainbow" and Tonga.Online project room at State Museum of upper Austria in Linz, 01.04.2001.

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