Tonga.Online Chat

Dominic Muntanga, a Tonga student and member of the Tonga.Online project group will visit Linz later this month. He is going to brief the students of the collaborating schools HAK Auhof Business School and LISA Linz International School about the situation in his home area and generally in Zimbabwe. At this time the first Internet Centre in Binga will already be operational and therefore allow for a direct link and online communication. Dominic Muntanga will provide for translation in chiTonga, the language of the Tonga people. Twalumba (thank you)!

On Sunday 4th November 11 a.m. the Governor of Upper Austria province Dr. Josef Pühringer, Zimbabwean Ambassador Tirivafi J. Kangai and other sponsors will visit the Tonga.Online Project room at the Schlossmuseum. They will stress and handover symbolically their support to Dominic Muntanga who is representing the Tonga community. The special occasion will celebrate the achievement of Internet access for the Tonga people and promote communication online with Binga Highschool.

Due to great public demand the exhibition "Tracing the Rainbow" has been extended for another two weeks until 18th November. Take the chance to talk to the Tonga.Online at the project room! This website will keep you informed and in touch with developments also after this date.