Finissage of the exhibition "Tracing the Rainbow"

Governor of Upper Austria, Mr. Pühringer, Counsellor V. Chikanda and Dominic Muntanga
Governor of Upper Austria, Mr. Pühringer, Counsellor V. Chikanda and Dominic Muntanga
reported by Dominic Muntanga:

The day started off at ten in the morning for me and Peter. We had to make a few preparations before the event began at eleven in the morning at the project room within the exhibition “Tracing the Rainbow. Life in southern Africa”. At about a quarter to eleven the guests had started arriving for the event. A television crew from Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF was rolling around and we were consumed in trying to establish a network connection between the museum and Binga Internet Center. The event commenced at about eleven. Present were the Governor of Upper Austria Dr. Josef Pühringer, the Counsellor of the Zimbabwean Embassy to Austria, Mr. Vova A. Chikanda, the Director of the Landesmuseum Dr. Peter Assmann, the Curator Dr. Heidelinde Dimt, the sponsor from TechWorld Mr. Farbod Sadeghian, the Director of Horizon 3000 Mag. Robert Zeiner and many more friends of the Batonga people. Director Dr. Assmann welcomed people and began the business of the day. After his introductory remarks, the floor was given to the Deputy ambassador who thanked the people of the province. Then came the Governor who expressed the importance of development cooperation towards promoting international and intercultural understanding. He pledged his support for the project, with a symbolical donation of 100.000.- Austrian Schillings. He also noted that the people of Upper Austria will continue to support such initiatives. Peter Kuthan then took over from the Governor, to briefly summarise the project progression and perspectives. We then had a few drinks and the Governor Dr. Pühringer sent an online message to Binga on the computers that have been donated by “TechWorld” for the second phase of the project in Siachilaba. After a few interviews with the press, the floor was then given to Dominic Muntanga who spoke about the impact of the internet on the schools, the Tonga community at large and what it means for the digital divide between the North and South. The floor was open and people went over to see the exhibition such as the Tonga.Online project room and other exhibits included in the exhibition “Tracing the Rainbow”. We then went on talking to different people about the project and general information on Zimbabwe and the Batonga people. The evening brought a close to the event with a performance from Insingizi Emnyama, who are currently based in Graz in Southern Austria. The performance was well attended and it was great to see fellow Zimbabweans being part and parcel of this initiative. We left for home where we had an opportunity to watch the event on the TV evening news at 7.00 pm. The report which was screened detailed the progress of the Tonga project from its inception with the coming of the cultural group SIMONGA to Austria in 1997 until its current phase where an internet center has been established at Binga Highschool with help from various people and organisations.

Message from the Governor of Upper Austria Dr. Pühringer Linz / Schlossmuseum on Sunday, November 04, 2001 - 11:27 am:

Kusanguna ndati mupone monse oko, kuzwa ku Upper Austria kulindinywe no Batonga. Tushoma kuti muzwidille mumazuba aza. Tuliboteledwe loko kuti tulikwabana makani amacomputer andinywe.

Ndalumba Loko

Counsellor V. Chikanda was speaking on behalf of Ambassador T. J. Kangai on Sunday, November 04, 2001 - 12:05 pm:

His Excellency Ambassador T. J. Kangai On The Occasion Of 'Stop Over Africa' In Upper Austria On The Presentation Of A Cheque By The Governor Of Upper Austria Honourable Josef Puehringer And The Computer Support Of TechWorld LINZ and The BKA Vienna For The Tonga Online Project At Linz, Upper Austria, Austria On Sunday 4 November 2001 At 1100 Hours:

Honourable Governor, Dr. Josef Puhringer, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen. It is my honour and privilege that you invited me to this ceremony to witness the presentation of this handsome gift from your esteemed Province to the success of the Tonga Online Project. I fail to find suitable words to express on behalf of the People of Zimbabwe, the Government of Zimbabwe and on my own behalf grateful we are for this kind gesture. I wish to share with you, Honourable Governor, that 11 million people in my country, the Tonga people included, are landless or live on nonproductive land in a country whose main economic preoccupation is agriculture. We need your Province's support and experience in convincing our European partners especially the United Kingdom to assist with development finance for the just and equitable land redistribution programme taking place in Zimbabwe. The land issue, a child of the iniquitous colonial past, has become an albatross for Zimbabwe's development and sovereignty today. Allow me, Honourable Governor, to make mention of the un-swerving support, dedication and commitment to the Tonga Project shown by Mr Dominic Muntanga. We are proud and continue to support this gallant son of Africa.