Photos of opening of Exhibition

TONGA. ONLINE project room at the State Museum of Upper Austria in Linz, part of the exhibition "Tracing the Rainbow".

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Environment as Display
The projectroom is dedicated as a low tech space for media selfrepresentation, artistic production and intermedia research. It´s aim is a physical expression of the perception of information and communication. The development of digital cultur needs acess to diversity. The influence of differences originated in different regions, different continents and different cultures creates a gap of "gray frames" of non regulated communication. The project room establishes an interface for digital technology and "human resources" to explore these gaps. It`s focus is situated in interactive, social-experimental activities, depending on networks and media technology for representing identity.

photos: Werner Puntigam
project room: tschneid

Projectroom TONGA.ONLINE
1st of April till 4th of November 2001, Schlossmuseum Linz
5. december; Depot Vienna; Standbild

We would like to express our gratitude towards the State Museum of Upper Austria Province, the supporters and sponsors, especially Smart_e_Fox.