Four Computer Technician trainees have joined Tonga.Online

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I have the pleasure to welcome the new Computer Technician trainees who
have joined Tonga.Online with effect from 1st of November 2007. For a
start, four trainees (2 males and 2 females) have been recruited to do
the IT course. This move is being done under the auspices of capacity
building of the locals and this programme is specifically designed
to bridge the IT skills gap that currently exist in the district.

The Trainees will under go a two year intensive programme (2007 -2009).
They will be introduced to fundamentals of repair, upgrade,
troubleshooting and networking on personal computers and related
peripherals. Computer lab hands-on training will include in-depth
examination and installation of all personal computer components. During
their training, they will also write examinations with renowned
examination bodies such as HEXICO.

See their 2 years Training programme
and Individual profiles ....

Best regards

Pottar Muzamba
Project Director