Tonga.OnAir: Zongwe FM transmission improved

A team of AZFA delegates led by Peter Kuthan, AZFA Chair person, visited Sinazongwe in Zambia's Southern Province from the 20th to the 31st of July 2013 to render support to the Community Radio station Zongwe FM. The radio experts Marcus Diess and Mario Friedwagner installed a 500watt-transmitter, replacing the old one (with 100watt only). Zongwe FM’s transmission radius has now more than doubled the previous one in a bid to enhance a wider broadcasting coverage of the station at 105.0 MHz. They also dealt with all the faults in the studio in a bid to facelift it for a full operation and provided for some relevant training.

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Mica Music Austria presents first Fair Music Award 2007 to Tonga.Online

At the Ars Electronica Festival 2007 in Linz, the fair music award for achievements for fairness in the music business was given for the first time ever to companies and initiatives acting in a responsible and morally mature way. Says fair music initiator and jury president Peter Rantasa on the award: “The fair music award is meant to go to projects showing commitment, those who already prove today what a fair music business of tomorrow may look like. We are giving an award to the Avant-Garde of fair music."

Executive Director of the European Music Council Ruth Jakobi, composer, academic teacher of composition and president of Austro-Mechana Dieter Kaufmann, ORF music journalist Irene Suchy, Ars Electronica director Gerfried Stocker, and fair music initiator and managing director mica – music austria Peter Rantasa were of the same mind: "Tonga.Online is an important contribution to fair music and, thus, a worthy laureate“, Peter Rantasa explained. “In a climate of conflicting priorities between the Global North and South, the Tonga.Online platform contributes to preserving cultural diversity, as well as fighting for peace and freedom of expression in the region.“Irene Suchy added: “To me, fair music incorporates fair distribution of resources. Neither should the Global North fleece the Global South, nor the rich the poor, nor the man the women, nor the white the black. What’s most urgent is to create the utmost fairness in the world. All structures boosting processes leading towards this goal shall be supported“.



Award of Distinction for Tonga.Online "smart X tension"

Prix Ars Electronica 2004: Award of Distinction for Tonga.Online "smart X tension" at the UN Global Compact Summit in New York City 

In June 2004  the Tonga.Online project received an Award of Distinction from the prestigious Prix Ars Electronica 2004, in the category "Digital Communities". The award was handed over by Austrian State Secretary for the Arts and Media Franz Morak in New York City’s Metropolitan Pavilion in conjunction with the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit. The project was represented in New York by Peter Kuthan (Austria), Dominic Muntanga and Penny Yon (Zimbabwe).

Jury Statement / Digital Communities category

The Tonga people of Zimbabwe, threatened by forced migration and separation across the political and geographic boundaries, have been using their unique musical heritage to preserve their culture. Austrian musicians and Tonga musicians have been using a battery-powered digital musical keyboard/recorder to weave the physically separated members of the culture. Music itself is perhaps the oldest community technology, bringing people together around collective art-making that continues to hold a uniquely powerful emotional appeal that is capable of bridging geographic and cultural boundaries ...”


Prix Ars Electronica 2002: Honorary Mention Award for Tonga.Online

In 2002 Tonga.Online project has been recognised with a "honorary mention" award in the Net Excellence category and was invited to take part at the Ars Electronica Festival from 7 -12 September in Linz. This has provided the project with a platform for reflection and interactive communication and has been contributing to more attention and support for the Tonga community in Austria and worldwide.

The festival has invited Keith Goddard from Kunzwana Trust / Harare to attend and present his views of the digital divide and the Tonga.Online project at the symposium "UN/PLUGGED - Art as the Scene of Global Conflict".

Special Award for Communication with Museums

Spezialpreis für Kommunikation mit Museen 2001 / Special Award for Communication with Museums

In December 2001, the Tonga.Online project received the "Special Award for Communication with Museums" from the Austrian Federal Minister for Education, Science and Culture in Vienna. The jury selected the project referring to its participation at the exhibition "Tracing the Rainbow" about life, arts and culture in Southern Africa at the State Museum of Upper Austria province in Linz and gave the following statement:

"The members of the jury qualified the project as a remarkable and exemplary combination of internet technology and communication with a new target group, using direct communication within an exhibition. We are pleased to support the realisation of the internet centre in the Tonga area in Zimbabwe through this award."