Siachilaba Primary School, Private Bag 5712, Binga, Zimbabwe
Headmaster: Emmanuel Sinampande
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Teachers i/c ITC: Mildred Cheteni & Norman Mudimba
The Siachilaba community has enjoyed a close working relationship and rich cultural exchange with the Austria-Zimbabwe Friendship Association (Austria) and Kunzwana Trust (Harare) for over 10 years, which included 'The Nyaminyami Festival - A celebration of Valley Tonga Culture' in 1997.The Tonga.Online project is one of the outcomes of this valuable exchange. The Siachilaba ITC was established in May 2004, after electricity was made available by the ZESA Rural Electrification Agency. Five computers are networked and access is offered to all people of the community, regardless of race, age, gender, tribal background or religious or political affiliation.
Siachilaba Primary School welcomed electricity for the first time on Tuesday 04 May 2004, after 47 years. The BaTonga people of Binga are descended from those who were forcibly removed from their traditional homes and fertile riverside fields in the 1950s, to make way for the filling of Kariba Dam.

Promotion of Siachilaba soccer team and Simonga on the web

Pictures taken (by Peter Kuthan) at a soccer tournament in July last year at Siachilaba's sandy soccer pitch made it to the Internet via the special initiative: - spontaneous soccer fields
Since a few weeks now the competition of photographs is rating the picture from Siachilaba playground very high .
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meanwhile I have put online some more pictures from Malende ground at Sinazongwe which I have taken during the recent Lwiindi ceremonies and festivities,

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Electricity at Siachilaba Primary School

Eventually electricity has arrived at Siachilaba Primary School and will change the living and learning conditions of pupils and teachers tremendously! We are looking forward to see the installations of cabling and fittings in the computer classroom completed before the next 15 computers are donated and shipped in from Austria.

Thanks to the hardworking ZESA people and the Tonga.Online team!

Peter Kuthan / AZFA
(just back in Linz from climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania - the roof of Africa - with my daughter Anna!)

Tonga.Online X tension

The Tonga.Online Project has entered a new phase of extension with the establishment and networking of two more ITC’s at Siachilaba Primary School and Sianzyundu Secondary School in Binga area this week. Gary Brooking, Stefan Kuthan, Bert Estl, the Headmasters, teachers, students and technicians have already started the decisive work joining hands with Penny, Theo, Ish and many more helpers on the ground. Thanks to all others along the long chain who were helpful to bring the relevant hardware in place: Harry and Karl on the Austrian side, Hannes and Susan from Horizon3000 for transport, Justin, Eliada and Wonder from WorldLinks for the entry formalities and checking etc.

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