Tonga.Online X tension

The Tonga.Online Project has entered a new phase of extension with the establishment and networking of two more ITC’s at Siachilaba Primary School and Sianzyundu Secondary School in Binga area this week. Gary Brooking, Stefan Kuthan, Bert Estl, the Headmasters, teachers, students and technicians have already started the decisive work joining hands with Penny, Theo, Ish and many more helpers on the ground. Thanks to all others along the long chain who were helpful to bring the relevant hardware in place: Harry and Karl on the Austrian side, Hannes and Susan from Horizon3000 for transport, Justin, Eliada and Wonder from WorldLinks for the entry formalities and checking etc. Just follow the course of events on our discussion forum and join in with your comments, messages, observations, feed back! Read the most recent message from Penny with the landmark news: Siachilaba Primary School has got hooked up with electricity!

Dear All,

Sorry no comms - our phone was down all last night. Bert und Stefan arrived yesterday afternoon, safely all the way to Siansyundu Secondary and SYanzyundu ITC, followed closely by Gary Brooking and his team with Wonder Chikohomero of World Links. Welcome to all, who are loaded down with boxes. The Swift plan worked fine, thanks to our leading freighting company for their generous donation. The computers have been dropped off at Syanz ITC, and no time wasted in unpacking and setting up. Lackson Chuma, Eliya Elia, Mr Mlilo and team were standing by to settle them in, and we left Gary hard at work drilling holes in walls way into the fading sunset.
On to Binga, where 'the guys' were welcomed also by Ish, Marianne Andersen, Sengamo Ndlovu, plus-plus, and this Tuesday morning we are off to the DAs office, quick visit to the Binga ITC before returning to the satellite centres.
Great news is that there is a power cut in Binga today from 1000-1200 : so that Siachilaba can be hooked up!!! Many thanks to ZESA. We will be standing by with the digital camera, to record the big moment, and Stefan and Bert will show us how to put it on the website.

More later,