An ambitious "sound bridge" provided for a connection between the festivals in remote Zimbabwe and in Linz / Austria. Recordings made by Karl Ritter at Festival on Saturday were taken by Gary Brooking on Sunday morning to Bulawayo and uploaded there to Austria via Internet. In Linz, accordionist Otto Lechner, another Windhund musician, responded to these sound files and loops with his own reflections on Sunday evening at the „sound park“ along the river Danube in Linz. This performance was again livestreamed to the world via Internet radio station in Austria.

Soundbridge Report, listen to recording

Listen to the soundbridge archived on

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New CD reflecting in Tonga music and cultural exchange

Windhundrecords, HMH and AZFA are jointly producing another CD documentary which is covering last years soundbridge "Klangbrücke" between the Mulonga.Net Festival in Siachilaba / Zimbabwe and Ars Electronica Festival 2004 in Linz / Austria. Some tracks will also deal with the great Windhund sessions at Porgy&Bess Jazzclub / Vienna and at HMH Gallery / Linz. The CD will be released and presented at the Symposium and "Glatt&Verkehrt" Festival in Krems.

Mulonga.Net Festival 2004 in Siachilaba

Celebrating Tonga.Online smart X tension +
Award of Distinction at Prix Ars Electronica 2004 +
Ngoma Buntibe Music Across the Waters / Borders / Continents
4th / 5th September 2004

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Windhund and Tonga.Online @ Ars Electronica 2005 in Linz

Austria Zimbabwe Friendship Association AZFA in cooperation with Windhundrecords will present a new Windhund CD as part of the fringe programme of Ars Electronica at HMH Gallery Kunstereignisse in Linz / Urfahr on 5th September at 8 p.m.

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Windhund Karl Ritter back on tour in Zimbabwe

The Tonga.Online project is welcoming Karl Ritter to Zimbabwe for the second time. In 2002 Karl visited Zimbabwe with the group Windhund and we now welcome him as a solo artist on his second visit, to promote Tonga.Online in Harare and to participate in the Mulonga.Net Festival in Siachilaba.

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