Windhund and Tonga.Online @ Ars Electronica 2005 in Linz

Austria Zimbabwe Friendship Association AZFA in cooperation with Windhundrecords will present a new Windhund CD as part of the fringe programme of Ars Electronica at HMH Gallery Kunstereignisse in Linz / Urfahr on 5th September at 8 p.m.

The CD is recalling last years Soundbridge / Klangbrücke between the Mulonga.Net Festival in Siachilaba / Zimbabwe and Ars Electronica Festival 2004 in Linz / Austria. Some tracks are also dealing with the great Windhund sessions at Porgy&Bess Jazzclub in Vienna and at HMH Gallery in Linz last year. << windhund klangbrücke rewind << cd presentation+party

HMH Galerie Kunstereignisse, Ottensheimerstr. 25, Linz
5th September 2005, 20h00 till late

live performance:
Otto Lechner, Akkordeon
Karl Ritter, Guitar
João de Bruçó, Percussion
featuring: Klaus Hollinetz, electronics

Find some sound samples on windhundrecords