Season's Greetings

Foto: Simonga group performing Ngoma Buntibe in Siachilaba in May 2011. The amazing
Tonga music will be at the core of cultural exchange again in July / August 2013 when a group of Austrian artists will visit the area en route to Harare and Johannesburg. More details coming up soon.


The Tonga.Online project is now run by Basilwizi Trust, a community development organization, founded in 2002 by the local people of the Zambezi valley, north western part of Zimbabwe. The existence of Basilwizi Trust is a demonstration of concern and determination by Zambezi valley communities to demand and restore their dignity taken away from them by the displacement from the Zambezi River banks. Poverty, the main cause of vulnerability to food insecurity, is one of the defining features of the Zambezi valley. The Zambezi valley districts rank least on the Zimbabwe development index and yet they have great potential to be better from the vast natural resources found in the region. Thus Basilwizi works to assist the communities of Binga, Gokwe North, Hwange and Nyaminyami administrative districts to realize own development and emancipation from extreme poverty through community led interventions.  more:

Thanks for your attention, support and solidarity,
with best regards from ARGEZIM / AZFA
Linz / Austria