Siabuwa clean water project

After the completion of the solar power installation at Siabuwa Secondary School and ITC end of  last year, the Rotary clubs in Linz and Bulawayo came up with the idea to complement their donation with a Water Treatment Plant to provide for clean water for the school. This is indeed good news for the pupils, teachers and the whole community of Siabuwa. The Siabuwa clean water project is a simple water purification system comprised of a storage tank, a slow sand filter and pipes.

Some three weeks ago Save the Children in Binga was approached by the Tonga.Online team to assist. After some discussions an idle 5000 litres tank at their premises was found to be suitable and handed over to Tonga.Online for transportation to the Siabuwa Water Treatment Project. Thanks to the Acting Area Coordinator Chipo Simangondo and Peter Munsaka, plus other helping hands.

The tank can contain 5000 litres and will be big enough to provide for drinking water at Siabuwa Secondary. Labour to construct the stand for the tank and for the plumbing will be hired from the local Zinwa team, who the school will hire to maintain the system in future.