Season's Greetings from Tonga.Online

We take this opportunity to wish you all a peaceful festive season and a happy New Year 2009 of renewed hope.
At the same time we would like to thank you all for your valuable contributions and support you have provided for Tonga.Online.
We are grateful to the many friends, stakeholders and partners that
have been collaborating with Tonga.Online in support of this program and for the
BaTonga people of the Zambezi Valley.

Ube amwaaka mupiya mubotu.
Mweende Kabotu!
Twalumba loko, Leza Amulongezye and see you in 2009!

Pottar Muzamba, Project Director, Binga
Penny Yon & Keith Goddard, Kunzwana Trust, Harare
Hannes Atzinger, HORIZONT3000, Harare Office
Peter Kuthan, Austria Zimbabwe Friendship Association, Linz