Computers have landed in Binga

Finally the all computers have landed in Binga today 06 April 2007 and
they are temporary stored in the office until the upgrading
commences. Currently, Binga High School is busy repainting the internal
walls of the ITC in preparation for the upgrade.

Once more I would thank everyone for the work accomplished.

Have a pleasant Easter holiday.

It is Easter holiday, when the Christian community commemorate the death and resurrection of  Jesus Christ. Churches are busy preparing for the Easter celebrations. Whilst ordinary people who can afford to visit relatives and friends are also preoccupied with the departing preparations. The unfortunate working poor, will have to spend their holidays in their towns due to exorbitant transport cost involved. 

For, it will be business as usual, specifically for the Project Director, Technical and Operations Manager, and the Artistic and Communications Officer.  The team will be busy analysing the feasibility study data and compiling the report. On Sunday the 8th of April 2007,the team will drive to Hwange to meet the Regional Manager for TelOneand have some discussions as far the networking and Internet connection in the district is concerned.

The month of April is quite an interesting and busy month. Firstly, we are expecting visitors from Austria to come and boost our moral as far as development issues are concerned. In this respect, I would  like welcome them to ZIMBABWE and I would like say come and see it with your own naked eyes.  Secondly, serials of meetings and workshops are lined up for the month. The first one being the Synergy workshop running from the 19th to the 20th. This workshop will be succeeded by  the inauguration of the Advisory board members on the 20th of April starting at 1430 hrs. All these activities are lined up to take place in Bulawayo, the second capital city of Zimbabwe.

After exhausting the Bulawayo programme, all vehicles will be packed facing North East of Zimbabwe to Binga town. You are all welcome to Binga. Issues of interest to take place in Binga are:-

  • Meeting the Science and Technology Subcommittee. This where, we are going to witness the handover of the donated hardware to Binga High School and District Education Offices.
  • Have a review meeting to assess the progress attained so far and map the way forward.
  • Visit the famous Simonga and find out what they have in store for the members as far tonga music is concerned.
After the Binga business all will be set for the visitors to fly back to AUSTRIA and our partner  to drive back to Harare.

Finally, may I thank all our stakeholders and donors for the support they gave us during the first quarter of the year. May I literate that without your support we could grapple much in our endeavour to bring about development.

 Wish you a pleasant Easter.


Tonga.Online Project