Website Redesign

As of today, 6th January 2007, the new website-design, based on a content management system (CMS), named Joomla! is online.

You are welcome to suggest improvements or comment on the design in the new discussion forum.

The old website has been moved to /archive.

A Content Management System (CMS) facilitates the organisation, control, and publication of a large body of documents and other content, such as images and multimedia resources. It facilitates the collaborative creation of documents and provides for additional features to ease the tasks required for editing and publishing local web content. The new website should lay the foundation and build the local capacity for web design and editing.

Joomla! is an award-winning Content Management System that will help us further developing the website and other powerful online applications. Joomla is a phonetic spelling for the Swahili word "Jumla", which means "all together" or "as a whole".   Joomla! is an open source solution freely available to everybody and fits well with the Ubuntu open source software which is favoured and mainly applied by Tonga.Online.

Thanks to Stefan Kuthan who has done a great job to design the new outline and at the same time to safe and accomplish the core content and identity of the website.

The old website, which was designed by Austrian artists Sabine Bitter and Helmut Weber, became difficult to handle due to overload with HTML based documents and other features. It has been moved to and is therefore still accessible as a valuable data and resource base for the project.

You are welcome to suggest improvements and/or comment on the design in the new discussion forum