Brief update from Kunzwana Trust / Harare

As we move (so fast already!) into 2006, we are excited to be working hard and seeing the project grow, and more people having access to this important technology. Here in the capital, Keith and Penny wear many 'hats', but plan and work together to keep the administrative and monitoring system flowing, raising funds, accounting and reporting to donors. In Binga, David Mungombe is ably coordinating the operations side and managing the office and leading the team. In the Gwembe (Zambezi) Valley, Zambia, Theo Sianyuka is settling in after her small-boat transfer across-the-waters from Binga, and now assisting the setup of Sinazongwe ITC !! Zambian friends have come forward to support the setup, led by Chief Sinazongwe from his Maliko Palace in the valley. In Austria, Peter Kuthan is preparing to send a left-hand guitar and other donations for the Twimbiilane studio, and Horizont3000 are preparing to send us Uwe Allgäuer, a 30 years old Austrian development worker and IT technician, for technical backup and training - we offer him a warm welcome, and a big thanks to Horizont3000. It is wonderful to see different groups working together for a common goal - and getting there!
Penny Yon