Zyachitika - it has happened - Tonga.Online office is back on line!

Dear All, Greetings to you all and your families. Tonga.online team is happy to inform you that it managed to meet the deadline for office relocation and cleared well with the former landlords. We are grateful for the good period of work we had at Mr and Mrs Zerf's stand 115 and we are lucky to be in the hands of another understanding Landlord who has facilitated our beginning at new premises, stand 602, Secondary High Density area. It is along the first street with PTC houses facing Binga High School from the north. ZYACHITIKA - IT HAS HAPPENED.

There is still some finishing works going on at the new office so to have it comfortably workable and attractive. The delay of our payment of advance rent delayed the purchase of the required materials and more with unavailability of some materials and transport. Binga also ran out of water/went dry for 3 days due to engine faults with ZINWA, giving a halt to construction and painting work although people survived the traditional way, fetching buckets of water from the Zambezi river.

The transfer of our phone line took some time as TelOne had no fuel to carry out some assessments and fittings. It has been a hard 2 weeks chasing everyone - ON FOOT -for every single effort to get to this point of communication. TONGA.ONLINE IS BACK ON LINE.

On the other hand, we have managed to inform and invite in writing all Authorities and stakeholders of all 3 Centers to our September events. We also had 2 good meetings at Siachilaba, 29 July and 1 August where the community shared their views about the centre and reformed / adjusted the Management Committees.

Thanks for your support and good wishes.
More with progress.
David Mungombe, Tonga.Online project coordinator
Tel ++15-573 email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.