Tonga.Online Impact Assessment available

Thanks to the Austrian NGO Horizont3000, esp. Bridget Matambo and Lynda Mujakachi for the Impact Assessment carried out in November. There was a weakness in financial management highlighted which is well noted and agreed. In 2005, now that the refurbishment and setup is completed and the new ITCs settling down, focus will be directed on operations, management and accounting systems, in our drive towards sustainability and self reliance for the ITCs.

There was also emphasis on a broader representation of the community in running the centres. Consequently, in November 2004, at the last Binga ITC Management Committee meeting for the year, three members of the Binga community were invited and agreed to be co-opted onto the committee for 2005. Their presence will spark a sharper operation of the ITC, and release busy teachers to other pressing duties. We hope to see a big improvement in operations and profitability in the New Year.

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