Zambia Meetings: Tonga.Online extension across the waters

Immediately after the Mulonga.Net Festival, AZFA and Tonga.Online visited the Gwembe Valley on the Zambian side of Lake Kariba, where we were warmly welcomed by Chief Sinazongwe and his community. Discussions were held with the Chief, his advisers and local authorities, regarding the possibility of extending the project to the other side of the river.

Chief Sinazongwe, relevant local authorities and stakeholders were well pleased and welcomed the project to the Sinazongwe Basic School, which currently serves Sinazongwe children of Grades 1-9, but in process of extending to achieve full High School level and electrification. It was agreed that all parties would undertake sourcing of funding and infrastructures, with a view to establishment of an ITC at Sinazongwe Basic School within a years time.

Friday 10 marked a memorable meeting of the Tonga.Online team with Gwembe Valley's most renowned and beloved anthropologist, Ms Elizabeth Colson, whose fascinating history of work and life in the valley dates back to the 1940s. A delightful and remarkable lady by whom we were graciously received. Our only regret was no time to voice the thousands of questions we had for her, but time enough to share information about Tonga.Online and invite her to Binga.

Sincere thanks to all Binga stakeholders and friends for good cooperation and support which presented Binga in a very positive light for all concerned. Special thanks to Horizont3000 for transport support throughout the AZFA visit.
See some photos of the events .