More news from Sinazongwe ITC / Zambia

by Joshua Moyo,  Saviour Miyanda and Sengamo Ndlovu (compilation of some recent e-mails)
“The application for the phone line is not yet done by the school authority, they are saying that there is no money for that and they have not done the annual general meeting {AGM} yet. Although  in Sinazongwe the dial  up system  does not work  well, we failed to use the system. Even  other  offices who are  connected find it difficult to use”.
“The training of computer lessons is ongoing. Three male and one female teachers are training, thirty grade eight pupils have been introduced to computers, grade  seven  and grade nine  pupils have  continued  with  their  lessons. People from the community have shown little interest so far”. 
“On the radio station, we are still waiting for the approval from the Ministry of Information where the application for the licence was handed in”.
“Concerning the traditional Lwiindi ceremonies the dates are 31 July and 1 August 2008 as arrival dates and 02 August is the Lwiindi day”.
“Yes, we are working on Simonga going across for the Lwiindi. I hope the atmosphere will be calm enough and they will be allowed to cross as a group”.