Chief Sinazongwe at the International Expo "Water and Sustainable Development" in Spain

With great pleasure we have learned that Honourable Chief Sinazongwe is being invited to attend the International Expo "Water and Sustainable Development" which is taking place in Zaragoza / Spain from 14th June to 14th September. This three-month public event is expected to attract a large audience from all over the world. It will also provide for a platform to discuss the access to and usage of clean drinking water as a fundamental human right.

Chief Sinazongwe will visit the Expo at the end of June and we are sure that he will address not only the necessity of an integrated river basin management along the Zambezi catchment area but also the plight of the Tonga people after their forced relocation and making way for Kariba dam - without satisfactory compensation so far.

Welcome to Europe, Honourable Chief Sianzongwe, we wish you a safe journey and successful stay!