Sinazongwe ITC: Tonga.Online extension


Training at Sinazongwe Basic School / ITC has started. In the month of January 5 community members (3 females and 2 Males) enrolled for the Basic Computer skills training. Whilst on the other hand 643 pupils (364 girls and 279 boys) were enrolled and were being trained in computers skills as part of their curriculum. The registration of Kunzwana Trust in Zambia has been scheduled for April 2007 and the installation of the long awaited radio station will take place in July 2007.

Attempts to form the ITC management committee for Sinazongwe ITC were made on 21st of January 2007 but only a few stakeholders showed up for the meeting and hence the meeting was cancelled. The school has requested for the intervention of the Honourable Chief Sinazongwe to facilitate the calling of the meeting.


Update / Report compiled by Pottar Muzamba