Joint Rotary visit to Siabuwa ITC

During the last week of April an important step towards the implementation of solar power for Siabuwa ITC was undertaken. Two delegates from Rotary Club Linz in Austria, Mr. Karl Schwaha and Ludwig Mülleder, visited their counterpart, Rotary Club Belmont in Bulawayo for the first time. This get-together and extensive introductions to the Club was laying the ground for a good relationship and a sound evaluation of the three bids received for the technical execution of the project which received funding from Rotary International as well. Thereafter both Clubs went on a joint visit to remote Binga and Siabuwa, facilitated by Basilwizi Trust and its Tonga.Online staff. They met a rousing welcome with Ngoma Buntibe music and dance setting the tune for a successful mission. Read a first quick report by Richard Simango.
Dear Peter,

Today the 1st of May 2010, Ludwik and Carl left Siachilaba for
Victoria Falls. Their mission according to Edson Ngaaseke (from Rotary Belmont) was a
resounding success.

In Bulawayo, we had meetings, where we looked at the three
Tenders that were submitted. Ludwick is an expert in Solar and led all
of us in carrying out a fair evaluation of Quotations very well. We
resolved to send targeted further questions to two of the three
companies that provided quotations.

On the way from Bulawayo to Binga there was some game viewing at the Hwange Safari Lodge.

We were received very well in Siabuwa by the Chiefs, Siabuwa and
Sinampande. A blend of various Ngoma players from Siabuwa, forming one
group, met us at the shops and we had a procession to the school.

A couple of people including Chief Siabuwa, The Director Frank Mudimba for Basilwizi, The
Headmaster, Dr. Schwaha, and the counsellor gave speaches that gave a lot
of life to the project. We were taken around the school by the
Headmaster, we visited the computer room, where some pupils were
already using the computers, learning how to setup and use software
CDs that were donated to the school by Dr. Schwaha. The Belmont Rotarians
also donated boxes of chalk, pencils and colour pencils. The Chiefs
were given presents by Dr. Schwaha, it became a moment of warmth and
giving. The Siabuwa people were very happy with the gesture and
prospects of Solar lighting and additional computers to be ready by late
September 2010.

We all had lunch at the school and proceeded to Mucheni Primary
School. The kids demonstrated a lot of skills in playing Ngoma. A box
of chalk and colour pencils was also donated to the primary school.

We proceeded to Binga where we had dinner, and rested at about 10pm yesterday.

Today, we proceeded straight to Siachilaba where we waited for Simonga
to demonstrate what they are perfectly good at. Simonga showed a
little bit (only) as most of their players were attending a funeral of one of
the community leaders who passed on recently.

Sengamo drove Dr. Schwaha and Ludwick to Victoria falls and as I write
I think they are approaching Gwayi River.

This is just a brief to keep your worry and curiosity down. A detailed
report with Pictures will be ready for the internet soon.

Happy Workers Days and pass our regards to everyone.

Richard Simango
Technical and Operations Manager
Tonga Online
P. O. Box 47