Twiimbilane Studio update

Music Recordings and Musicians Practice

Musicians continued having access to practice at the studio and make their trial recordings. A sound card was received for the studio from AZFA and this is set to improve the quality of the recordings made. 

Focus on Traditional Music

The drive towards preservation of Tonga traditional music was amplified by the studio with the recording of Chilimba, a form of Tonga traditional music, both on video and audio. Plans are in place to identify more traditional groups in the district in a bid to preserve this music which is now largely performed only by the elderly. Stakeholders are invited to forward the names of traditional groups they feel should have their music recorded. This recording service is for free.

Video Documentary

A video documentary entitled “A Quest For Education: a look at educational options for children from Mankobole Primary School In Binga”, was produced by the studio. This video explores the situation at Mankobole Primary School. Gratitude is extended to the Ministry of Education, Binga District for permission to make the documentary at the school grounds.

by Sengamo Ndlovu, July 2007