Twiimbilane studio update

 "Oceans are filled by rivers, rivers by streams and streams by rivulets" so the saying goes.
As Twiimbilane graciously recieves the left hand guitar from a kind Austrian woman, Twiimbilane is growing. This gesture sends a big message to the artists and people of Binga - that there are people out there who realise their needs and not only sympathise but act to create an ocean that Twiimbilane hopes to be one day.

To show that they are not only waiting to be spoon fed, some artists with the studio have made some home-made drums which they are hoping to combine with the electric guitar (a gift from Windhund musician Karl Ritter) and two box guitars to hold the first public show for the artists outside Taylors' Kwikspar within the first quarter of the year.

The show is also set to include a blind Kankobela player from Siachilaba a Kantimbwa player from Manjolo and hopefully a Kanamala player from Nsenga. The purpose of the show is to expose the artists to the public and to give the artists some experience of playing for a crowd.

Sengamo Ndlovu