Forthcoming Tonga.Online Stakeholder Workshops + ICT4D Seminar

Empowering Local Communities and Improving Local Government through ICT:
When Horizont3000 carried out the Tonga.Online project Impact assessment in 2004 there was a strong recommendation addressing Binga Highschool and the local authorities at Binga District level, especially the District Education Officer / MINEC: "The Binga RDDC (through the appropriate RDDC committee) needs to assume a policy facilitative role and this can be done by mainstreaming computer development in the overall district development plans.

Meanwhile the new District Administrator Mr Cephas Siabenzu Mutale has taken up the initiative to invite the relevant stakeholders and the Science and Technology Subcommittee of Binga Rural District Development Committee for a seminar which is addressing the issues and strategies of ICT for local development. This is fully in line with the message of his predecessor Mr. P.M. Ndhlovu after the completion of the computerization of the two schools in Siachilaba and Sianzyundu:

"..your organization deserves high commendation from this office. We congratulate you for a job well done. Knowledge is power. You are actually empowering Binga communities with modern technology. Your assistance is permanent and valuable, it should be encouraged."

The Seminar will be held on 28th Sept at Binga Council Boardroom starting at 9:00am.
Prior to this seminar a series of stakeholder meetings will be held at the IT Centers in Binga, Siansundu and Siachilaba in order to assess achievements and problems encountered. These workshops and the ICT seminar should provide ample space for consultation and community participation to lay the ground for a sound plan and development strategy.