Binga ITC progressing

Access for All - Since the closure of the Business Opportunity Centre (BOC), the Binga ITC is once again the only public access to IT in Binga. A new advertising thrust is being made to fill the gap left by the closure of BOC. Services available include evening Internet access, computer use, typing service, scanning, printing and digital photography.

School-Leaver training - With the end of the year approaching, there has been a demand for School-Leaver Special Training which includes, besides basic introduction to computers, lectures and guidance on grooming, behaviour, telephone etiquette and common office practices. The course is inexpensive and designed to reach as many school leavers as possible. Dates will be advertised in due course, and set for after end-of-year exams.

Kalai Foundation – the ITC carried out special email/internet training for students of the Kalai Foundation (based in USA), to enable them to communicate directly with their sponsors overseas, and facilitate better monitoring of the students.