Feed-back from Information Technology Center at Binga High

 "Many thanks to all the stake holders who have made this dream a reality - Twalumba Loko"

 Mr. Ngamo, a teacher at Binga Highschool, wrote this vote of thanks straight onto the website www.mulonga.net after stating: "I am excited about the recent developments of the establishment of the information technology center at Binga High School in Zimbabwe. I am a teacher at the school and the possibilities that the center brings with it are so many. To start with, there is better access to information. This will improve the teachers' and therefore the pupils' subject content. I believe this scenerio will translate to better results for the pupils in their examinations. The pupils will also be able to compete favorably in the job market with pupils from better developed areas within the country."

And Mr. Vusumuzi Nyati, Seniormaster added the message: "the computers have finally arrived in Binga, on the 18.10.2001. they were fitted on the 19.10.2001 and in the evening of the same day we were able to connect to the internet. what an experience it was. we would like to extend our sincere thanks to all concerned and moreso to peter kuthan. we hope this development will go a long way in bridging the information gap."

The communication link with Binga is still a bit shaky because of poor connectivity and only one phone line for the whole Binga Highschool in place. Hopefully this situation will improve soon since public demand for the centers services will be huge.

Carsten Wagner, our ICT expert from VUM who assisted Gary Brooking from ArachnidDesign doing the networking, has already started a training course for teachers at Binga Highschool. This should capacitate them to run the Internet Center on their own until the World Links for Development Programme WorLD and/or Ministry for Education respectively will provide some more qualified staff or training.