Hardware for Binga Internet Center underway!

 The first consignment of 15 computers for the establishment of the first Internet Centre in the Tonga area has arrived in Harare / Zimbabwe last week on its way to Binga Highschool. The donation was made possible by support

-> from the Austrian Ministry for Foreign Affairs (thanks to Mr. Milletich for making 15 "second hand" Pentium PC´s available),

-> from the Government of Upper Austria Province (thanks to Governor Dr. Pühringer for a subsidy of ATS 100.000.-) and

-> from sponsors like Techworld and Silverserver.

 Our friends and partners from VUM (special thanks to Ingo Lantschner and Carsten Wagner) worked hard to do the set up and screening prior to the shipping. Karl "Max" Greis did a great job - thanks also - to pack and optimise the loading of 500 kg hardware onto two airfreight pallets.

Our partner World Links for Development / WorLD in Zimbabwe will take over the networking (thanks to Gary Brooking) and  provide connectivity, technical backup and qualified staff (thanks to Ted Sells and Eliada Gudza) within the next few days and also in the long run.

Carsten Wagner from VUM will assist and provide some basic training at Binga Highschool.

Altogether this means a major breakthrough for the Tonga.Online project:  Binga Highschool and the TONGA community are going to have full ONLINE (Internet) access within a couple of weeks!!