Rotary Club Linz supporting remote Binga schools with solar power for ITCs

The Rotary Club Linz South, with incoming President Klaus Hötzenecker as a key player, is keen to support the establishment of solar power generation for the three secondary schools in Binga district  lacking access to electricity. The three remote schools are Siabuwa, Chunga and Lubimbi and they should be addressed in three stages 2008-10, one school per year, encompassing water heating and electricity for the ITCs.

Meanwhile the Rotary club Linz South has received assistance and the required paperwork from its local counterpart, Rotary club Bulawayo Belmont and is now preparing for submission to Rotary international for a top up grant to be due in the second half of 2008. The Rotary Club Linz has launched some very successful fund raising activities recently like an art auction where photographs from the Tonga area were also on display.

Tonga.Online is very glad for such support for the Tonga community and the expansion of the network of ITCs. The project has been asked to commit itself to support and monitor the establishment of the solar power installations and to provide for technical assistance and capacity building measures.