Stakeholders Update March 2004

Music Research Visit 12-17 March - International Library of African Music, Rhodes University, SA - Kunzwana Trust and Tonga.Online hosted Prof. Andrew Tracey for a music research visit which was extremely successful. Binga musicians were pleased to know that more Tonga music is now to be documented by the International Library of African Music. Prof. Tracey paid a courtesy visit to the Governor in Bulawayo, DA in Binga, Chief Pashu and Chief Siachilaba. Prof. Tracey also donated 1 kg of beads to a group of women at Siachilaba in support of Kunzwana Trust's efforts to revive this art. Twalumba kapati, Andrew.

Women's Day 2004 - Tonga.Online celebrated Women's Day with a short, powerful introduction course for all female teachers at Binga HS. While some were already computer literate, the T.O team had the pleasure of introducing some of the newest members of staff. The teachers were encouraged to lead girls students in particular, towards online learning.

Satellite ITCs : Siachilaba & Syanzyundu - Excitement is now mounting with the arrival of computers in Harare from AZFA, and the two schools are working hard to finish the refurbishment of their classrooms by the beginning of May, when the computers are expected to arrive in Binga. In the meantime, thanks to PG Harare and Gokwe who have donated 100 chair/seatbacks, and Belmont Construction for a new fan and 20l paint. Steve Togara of Interlink has been most generous in his charges for the electrical work, since they are already working on other projects in the area, and the Catholic Development Commission has kindly assisted with transport of materials and tables and E.M Engineering, Mr Magora of Binga for extra help at Binga Music studio . Sincere thanks to all.

Siansundu Secondary - (The management committee prefer to use the name 'Syanzyundu' ITC) - Electricity testing, cleaning and painting is taking place alongside a running battle against termites, which come up from within the walls, and already threatening new laid ceilings. Recommendations by hardware people have not met with success, and solutions are still being sought. Recent heavy rains also showed up some weaknesses in the roof, and repairs were carried out.

In early March, Treasurer Eliya Elia Mutale facilitated a workshop with the management committee to share his knowledge gained from the T.O Financial Management Workshop in Nov 03. The committee are preparing themselves well for the effective running of the centre, seeking guidance from Binga ITC and putting into place appropriate systems for accounting and administration.

Siachilaba Primary - Mr Steve Togara of Interlink and Mr Misheck Nyoni of ZESA Binga are cooperating wonderfully to ensure that electrification of the classroom is completed. Once electricity is hooked up, final welding work will be done by Mr Eddie Magora. Siachilaba will be the main site for the opening celebrations which are scheduled for early September, and planning has already started.

Networking and Installation - Installation and networking of the computers is now scheduled to take place in the first week of May 2004. The work will be carried out by Arachnid Designs, Bulawayo, assisted by two networking technicians from the donor, Austria-Zimbabwe Friendship Association - Mr Bert Estl and Mr Stefan Kuthan. They will remain for approximately 2 weeks working between the two schools and Binga. They will also be carrying out a workshop for the Open Source Software system, which is the way of the future for computers. This will put the two schools into the 'advanced' category in Zimbabwe. Teachers from the 3 schools will be invited to attend.

Telephones - Tel One is awaiting spares to repair the major fault in the Siansundu area, and estimate that telephone service will revert to normal sometime in the second half of the year. Siachilaba is currently also experiencing problems, with intermittent cuts.

Assistance - The project is always grateful for the cooperation and support of stakeholders. Present needs are:

  • appropriate samples of policies for personnel, administration and finance, needed by Siansundu Treasurer Eliya Elia Mutale. These can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by hand to Binga ITC.

  • Termites (walls): professional assistance needed for a long-term solution.

  • desk/standing fans, curtains, paint.


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