Stakeholders Update Jannuary 2005

Greetings to all Stakeholders from Tonga.Online as we settle into the year 2005. The Project welcomes and wishes all Stakeholders good luck and success in their endeavors and is grateful for all contributions - TWALUMBA!

THE TONGA.ONLINE TEAM The office opened on 5th January 2005 while the ITC’s opened on the 10th. The team has had a get-together meeting, which facilitated familiarization and planning for priority activities. The office is happily corresponding with the Austrian partner AZFA, Penny Yon, the Harare coordinator and other partners in view of future plans. The project website has been visited to welcome the world for the year and contributions are welcomed from all.

BINGA ITC The Binga ITC opened with a few youths on basic computer training. Adverts for more trainees have been put up. The Internet was not running since closing last year. The team has run a problem search with virus clean-up and other services but the modem was blown. A replacement has been made to revive Internet services. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience to users.

SIACHILABA ITC The Siachilaba ITC is standing with its equipment. The office holds a modem for the ITC to be on Internet after the committee has worked on stabilizing the phone line with TelOne. Meanwhile the community can enjoy typing services and training continues.

SYANZYUNDU ITC The ITC at Siansundu Sec. School is well equipped with computers and Alpha Smarts, the battery operated keyboards received from AlphaSmarts Ltd in September. Unfortunately, the computers cannot be put to use until the linelimiter is installed in fear of electricity surges/more damages. Tonga.Online has made final arrangements with Arachnid Designs in Bulawayo who have acquired the linelimiter for installation early this month. The part was not available since October 2004. Arachnid is also being requested to service all computers in the three centers. In the meantime, Syanzyundu ITC is continuing with school leaver training using Alpha Smarts.

RECORDING STUDIO The Binga music-recording studio is expected to re-open this month after the installation of a second music computer from Austrian partner AZFA, which has been already received. Among other things, Binga Studio will be involved in field recordings of Binga musicians for the documentation and preservation of BaTonga music culture, and promoting studio services to young musicians of Binga. The project has advertised two trainee posts - FREE COURSE - in music and studio operations as first community benefits.

INSTRUMENT-MAKING WORKSHOP WITH BATONGA MUSEUM Tonga.Online Project, having a strong component of BaTonga culture is working very closely with the BaTonga Museum. From 31 January to 4 Feb 2005, the Batonga Museum in Binga, in collaboration with Tonga.Online Project facilitated an instrument-makers workshop for the purpose of building a set of marimbas tuned to the sound of the local kankobela. The workshop was attended by musicians from Siachilaba, Sikalenge, Pashu and Binga urban.

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