Stakeholders Update August 2005

Yes, zyakachitika – it happened. office was relocated and the new office is open to stakeholders on Stand 602, Binga high-density area known as ‘Secondary’. Thanks to Binga High School for supporting with transport and other things and ofcouse TelOne for the transfer of telephone line, making it possible for to get back online after a week.

AZFA VISIT 23-28 SEP 2005: Nzyiingi zitachitike – a lot more will happen. Since it is a culture with project for the main Founding partner, Austria-Zimbabwe Friendship Association (AZFA) to visit the project every year, the Chairperson, Mr Peter Kuthan and other members will be visiting Binga between the 23rd and 29th September. AZFA has sourced five computers to boost the existing 3 centres, the studio and the project office. The team has informed all stakeholders about the visit and is working on logistics for ITC Management committees meetings, the music and computer workshop and the Information Communication Technology for development (ICT4D) seminar.

The seminar will be held on 28 September under the umbrella of the Rural District Development Committee’s Science and Technology subcommittee, chaired by the district Administrator as a platform for sharing and building-up for the effective furtherance of the project at district level.

The project ITCs: All Management Committees are preparing for their September meetings with the Austrian visitors. Although computers at BITC are much too slow in processing and require technical service, training has continued well with 39 Binga High School students funded by Kalai Foundation.

Syanzyundu ITC trained 6 community members who are nearing completion with the basic computer literacy course while computer lessons is ongoing with school children. Another group of 6 community members has also enrolled and are currently on level 1.The ward councilor is also undertaking the training courses offered at the ITC. It seems there is improved response to computer training by the public in Syanzyundu.

Siachilaba Primary School making use of the ITC with 20 pupils that can startup and use a computer without being assisted. However general community need further awareness on computer training. It is impressing that Chief Siachilaba is now able to use the Alpha Smart that he was honorably given by the AZFA Chairperson during the official opening of the ITC last September.

TWIIMBILANE RECORDING STUDIO: Field activities slowed down this month as some time was spent in hunting for a cassette recording system for Simonga in Bulawayo. More focus was also put on preparing for the September visit and the Music and Computer workshop. This means no new recordings were done as the studio focuses on clearing old recordings.

The Twiimbilane Studio and two Ngoma Buntibe groups ' Simonga' & 'Kwaabana', along with other Binga artists, have been invited to submit contact details, information and promotional material to the new FREE WEBSITE FOR THE ARTS. It is being setup by welfare arts organization, Pamberi Trust in Harare, who are calling for performing, literary and visual artists and groups to promote themselves freely to the world, and to provide for and promote the arts industry in Zimbabwe. Pamberi Trust works on arts development projects in conjunction with the National Arts Council

SIMONGA CULTURAL GROUP: The group have purchased a good single deck recording WRS machine. However, due to rising inflation, other planned components of this mini-project will not be possible.

SINAZONGWE EXTENTION: Chakwana chiindi- its time up. Tonga.Online is making it possible for the Sinazongwe community in Zambian to receive and centre computers at the Sinazongwe Basic School. AZFA has sourced fifteen computers that are expected to arrive anytime. The Chairperson and others are visiting the center end of September for final arrangements to meet the target date of end 2005.

PROPOSED IT CENTERS: Headmasters of schools that have applied for support have been invited to attend the ICT4D seminar on 28 September to help share and plan with them.

We are confident that with stakeholders’ support, all plans will be possible. Zizoochitika – it will happen.

David Mungombe project
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