Stakeholders Update November 2005

Twamulumba moonse (we thank you all) for keeping and sharing with us the different developments especially with ICT4D which is still a field of learning experience with the team and the BaTonga community.

The ITCs

Schools have closed but the ITCs remain open to the community until the Friday 16th December when the responsible IT teachers and trainers will do their house keeping and close for Xmas holidays on 19th December. Form fours at Binga High and Syanzyundu Secondary have been well exposed to computers for their advantage in the next phase of their lives and all grade sevens at Siachilaba have been prepared with basic introduction to computers for the Computer Science Subject at Secondary School next year.

Basic computer training at Syanzyundu was successful with five teachers, three ladies and two men. A group of three men including the Ward Councilor and one lady also completed level two of Ms Word. The trainer also advertised training for December.

The permanent secretary for Ministry of Education visited Syanzyundu Secondary and recommended the ITC to be one of the best and well equipped. The Ministry’s Regional Director of Education took the printer that was found not working to help with repairing it. Management committee has then hoped that the ministry will provide Syanzyundu Sec School with an IT teacher for the introduction of the computer science subject next year.

Siachilaba ITC managed to train two men from Sebungwe Mouth and one lady from the neighboring Gaza area. Three girls from Gaza Primary expected to finish in December. The public and other schools were making use of the center with typing work but are disappointed by the unavailability of printing cartridge, which the center/school cannot currently afford to buy. For anyone willing to assist, the center uses a BJC 210 or Impress Epson black cartridge.

Binga ITC held its end of year meeting in preparation for Xmas holiday and the wayforward for next year. Internet connection and service was seriously discussed and the Headmaster asked to transport TelOne staff that had transport problems, to assess the phone line for connection. No training took place during November but the center is proud of its effective training that has enabled one of its computer trainees and center user youth to competitively qualified for a job with Save the Children UK’s Binga office. The first IT teacher Mr S. Muchineripi who had gone to College for further training has visited the Center and confirmed his return to Binga High next year. "This gives the center an opportunity and capacity to extend and manage its services better," said the Headmaster of Binga High School Mr S Ncube.

Twiimbilane Studio.

The Studio has worked closely with two artists, Shadrek Munsaka and Edward Mungombe that play the Tonga Kantimbwa and Kankobela musical instruments, Kwaabana Theatre Group’s cultural music and Mr Tiyofi’s modern guitar music to complete the project’s first CD for sharing during Xmas. Editing of the selected music for the CD is at an advanced stage. These instrument players are some of the artists that have confirmed their commitment to training some interested youth during the next year’s planned music workshops. Extension:

Tonga.Online is making it possible for the Sinazongwe community in Zambia. Fifteen computers and a printer are awaiting flight in Austria and expected to arrive in Lusaka early January 2006. Chief Sinazongwe and a partner, Heather Chalcraft is ready to transport the consignment from Lusaka to Sinazongwe Basic School for installation.

Networking & proposed IT centers:

In August we had said zizoochitika - it would happen with the proposed ITCs in Binga. It has happened - zyachitika with the effort of the Acting Headmaster of Binga Primary and his staff who have finally sourced four computers from Action Magazine to start up an IT Centre. project attended the BaTonga museum end of year review meeting where its contributions to the museum’s activities were viewed to be of great benefit and called to continue. The documentation of the BaTonga traditional marriage, Lukwelelo and other ceremonies that were performed by Kwaabana Cultural group was one good example. The video is still on edit and will help preserve the culture and stand as education material.

It is your support as Stakeholders that has made the team successful. Twalumba loko.

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