Stakeholders Update June 2006

Partner Visit: 15-23 July 2006. The annual visit of Austrian partner AZFA and other key partners will take place in July, and the Binga Coordinator is meeting with local authorities and stakeholders in preparation for ITC management meetings and the stakeholders workshop / strategic planning seminar from 15-23 July. It is also planned for the partners to meet with the BRDC IT Sub Committee. They will then go on to visit the project extension in Sinazongwe, Zambia. All local stakeholders and authorities are requested to welcome the partners to Binga and to assist where necessary.

Binga ITC: The management committee's recommendation to buy a new modem for the revival of Internet services was implemented. The technical department has installed the modem and working on the network for public access. HORIZONT3000 have managed to equip the technical consultant Mr Uwe with some necessary tools for his work but he still needs spare parts. No training took place over the May school holidays because teachers went on holidays after the first week of the holidays. Since re-opening, the center has advertised and registration of trainees is in progress.

Siachilaba ITC: The center was open throughout the school holidays except for the public holidays. After school opened, the trainer had a meeting with all teachers at Siachilaba Primary where a number are new, and encouraged them to attend the computer literacy courses.

The following 24 children of the lower classes, who have not had a chance to learn computers because first priority was given to Grade 7s, voluntarily attended the introduction to computers course over the month.

Grade Boys Girls Total
5 5 4 9
6 6 9 15

The Siachilaba trainer has also assisted music group Simonga in mobilizing resources for the Matenta festival that will celebrate the Chief's traditional harvest ceremony on Saturday 24th June 2006.

Syanzyundu ITC: Although the Syanzyundu Secondary timetable is busy, the 600 school pupils are ongoing with computer lessons where Form 4s are doing Level 2 with two lessons per week and the rest still on level 1 of MS Word. There were three adult trainees, 2 females and 1 male over the period. A survey among the adult community found out that people are still busy harvesting and preparing food storages. The primary school is battling with their timetable to have the Grade 7s attending to computer lessons. Generally schools, churches and individuals have documents to produce. A recommendation has been made that if Siachilaba School continues to fail to buy a cartridge, Syanzyundu School will buy one to provide printing services for both communities using the Siachilaba printer.

Two computers at the center have technical problems and plans are underway for the Technical Consultant to attend.

Twiimbilane Studio: The studio continues with editing and assisting some musicians with staging live performances. An open show was staged for the Musenampongo community on Thursday 25th May outside Twalyookezya shops where some 200 people attended. Two closed shows were staged on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th May at the DA`s Canteen to raise funds for rent and living expenses of some of the musicians as well as to pay for the hired equipment (PA system) that Twiimbilane Studio does not have.

Simonga Cultural Group: The group is making preparations and rehearsals for their performances that will celebrate the Chief's traditional ceremony during the Matenta Cultural Festival to be held on 24th June at Siachilaba. Simonga is also competing in the Chibuku Neshamwari Traditional Dance Competitions on 1st July. project has, because of its cultural and artistic background attracted National Arts Council for the organization of the Competitions on 1st July in Binga. Awareness is being made to different groups around the district to compete for the $60 000 000 prize.

Sinazongwe, Zambia: Theo, the IT trainer has started basic computer training courses with the school and some community members. Some traditional groups preparing for the Lwiindi ceremony have also come through the center and for the first time enjoyed listening to a Ngoma Buntibe Music CD played on a computer.

The Sinazongwe community has had a meeting in preparation for the Lwiindi ceremony called by the Hon Chief Sinazongwe, which will be held on July 29 this year and which will also celebrate the official opening of the Sinazongwe ITC. Simonga Group, Tonga.Online project and partners will attend the Lwiindi.

From Harare, Penny Yon is also making contacts with partners for meetings with the visiting AZFA Chairman Mr Peter Kuthan and his team, and busy reporting to donors and planning.

Thanks to all Binga authorities, Sinazongwe authorities, communities and stakeholders for their continued valuable support.

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Seconded by S Ncube, Headmaster-Binga High School