Update: Siachilaba ITC & Syanzyundu ITC

Since their opening in early September, the two satellite ITCs have been waiting for WorldLinks approval and deployment of qualified teachers by MINECC. Meanwhile Noty and Theo Sianyuka are doing their best to offer access to training in slow stages within those communities. Some stakeholders such as Siachilaba ZRP, Mlibizi Hotel and others are already enjoying the services of the ITCs.

During the Official openings, Chief Saba and Chief Siachilaba were presented with an AlphaSmart keyboard each by Peter Kuthan, on behalf of AlphaSmart UK. Special training is being planned for the Chiefs assistants and advisers, to make full use of the keyboards.

In mid-October, at a time of unstable electricity supply in Siansundu area, the Syanzyundu ITC delimiter was blown, and now awaits replacement. Arrangements have been made for Arachnid Designs (in Bulawayo) to repair/replace and carry out minor servicing at the two centres as soon as the imported parts become available. Special thanks to Mr Max Chigubu of Mlibizi Hotel for complimentary accommodation for the technicians who will carry out the work over two days. Thanks also to Arachnid Designs for their heavily discounted rates.